Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Hall of Fame

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation
Hall of Fame

The Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Hall of Fame is designed to honor individuals who have devoted a substantial portion of their careers to workers’ compensation issues in Mississippi. Its focus is intended to encompass the entire Mississippi workers’ compensation community including but not necessarily limited to those who have served as Administrative Judge, attorney, claims professional, Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commissioner, employee of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission, employer, insurance and self-insurance professional, medical professional, nurse case manager, safety professional, vocational rehabilitation professional, or who served the Mississippi workers’ compensation community in other substantial ways. The Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Educational Association, Inc. (MWCEA) began honoring its Hall of Fame inductees in 2015, during the Annual Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference that is co-sponsored by the MWCEA and the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Beginning in 2016, inductees were selected by MWCEA with the only limitations being the exclusion of individuals then serving as elected or appointed politicians, judges currently holding office, current employees of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation
Commission and the currently serving members of the Board of Directors of the MWCEA. To submit a nomination, fill out the form found at MWCEA.org or located in the conference registration packet and include all relevant biographical information.

2017 Inductees

Duke Blakeslee
Jack Travis
Ben Riddick
Horace Brewer
Don Burch

2016 Inductees

Richie Edmonson
Paul Franke
Jim Higginbotham
Frank Horton
Phillip Jarrell
Wade Lagrone
J.T Noblin
Louie Ruffin
W.A. “Dub” Thornton

2015 Inductees

J. T. Hill
Bobby O’Barr
Tulane Posey
Mike Steele
Dan McCullen
Dixon Pyles
Bill Ford
Ken Perry
Vardaman Dunn
Ed Kemp